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The biomethane value chain is complex. Approaches to generating revenue and the areas of application vary depending on the raw material – the support schemes are decisive here. Technologically, legally and economically – everything must be in order and work well together to ensure your biomethane product is also a success.


We are here to support you every step of the way. Benefit from our knowledge, our experience and our network.


Together with biogas producers, Landwärme develops tailor-made projects all across Europe to feed biogas into the natural gas grid in natural gas quality. We will support you throughout the various project implementation phases, from planning to permit acquisition, right over to construction and commissioning. We are also on hand to help you ensure optimal gas production.


With a trading portfolio of more than 2.5 TWh of biomethane, we are one of the leading companies in the market. We have a broad portfolio of over 90 suppliers and can supply you, as a public utility, CHP plant operator, energy provider or natural gas station, with a variety of biomethane quantities and qualities – in line with your requests and objectives.


Whether as a general contractor or special “behind the scenes” consulting service, we can offer you a broad service portfolio spanning the entire value chain. Founded in 2007, Landwärme was one of the first companies to become established in the biomethane market. The company is owner-managed and therefore completely independent. We are active throughout Europe in all the relevant markets and, together with you, are keen to further develop new markets to make Europe’s gas even greener.

Biomethane Trading

Landwärme trades and sells biomethane in all quantities and qualities, for all kinds of applications both in Germany and abroad. We see ourselves as a biomethane supplier that also acts on behalf of producers, buyers and sellers. LESS >


We have intricate knowledge of the European gas market and will gladly advise you on the varied ways in which biomethane can be used. These differ significantly depending on the production methods and raw materials used. Take advantage of our contacts and expertise. We can offer you:

  • Certified biomethane supply from our own portfolio
  • Certificates
  • Procurement of residual gas suppliers for heating and fuel products
  • Tendering of biomethane quantities across Germany
  • Biomethane conversion of existing CHP plants: switching from CHP Act (KWKG) to Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • Handling of fuel quota for all fulfilment options


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As consultants, we will support you along the entire value chain. We advise biogas and biomethane producers on how to optimize their plants. Whether on raw materials or sales opportunities, we will work with you to put together an individual concept. As a trader, we will buy your biomethane from you and ensure that your gas is profitable.

Are you looking for a partner for your biomethane-based CHP plant project? We are also happy to support you here. LESS >


We offer you:

  • Extensive advice on biogas upgrading
  • Support with project planning
  • Optimization of raw materials
  • Advice on developing heat sites using biomethane CHP
  • Procurement of CHP plants with former EEG status
  • Advice on flexibilization concepts
  • Long-term and secure purchase with a flexible value range
  • Identification of new sales channels and analysis of the best application possibilities for your biomethane
  • Assistance in certifying your plant to be able to market your gas in the fuel sector as an alternative to the EEG (REDcert certification)

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Head of Biomethane CHP & Purchasing
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In order to partake in support schemes, detailed certificates must be procured for biomethane and bio-LNG. We are competent and experienced in all current verification and certification systems across Europe. LESS >

We are experienced in all current certification systems!

Biomethane quantities must be documented and certified accurately and in detail. This certification is a prerequisite for financial support as set out in the EEG. It also provides the basis for fulfilling the requirements of the federal and state heating acts. We utilize the German Biogas Registry industry standard for the different certificates required under German heat and energy law. Sustainability aspects, which need to be fulfilled when selling biomethane as a fuel with respect to the biofuels quota, are documented via the “Nabisy-database” run by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food. We are happy to arrange every step of the verification procedure for you, including:

  • Preparing the necessary paperwork
  • Cooperating with environmental consultants, auditors and public authorities
  • Planning and conducting the field inspections necessary for certification
  • Ensuring continuous documentation in the relevant databases

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Balancing Group Management

Be part of Germany’s largest balancing group cooperation with Landwärme Service GmbH. We will include your biomethane in our accounting balance and take care of all questions regarding transportation and settlement. Profit from the balancing effects our large portfolio has to offer – in all market areas. Find out more about the services offered by Landwärme Service GmbH. LESS >

We balance your biomethane!

The transportation of biomethane is similar to natural gas. If biomethane is fed into the natural gas grid, in order to be transported to customers, it is essential that feed-in amounts are managed within a balancing group.

However, for operators or utilities with a small biomethane portfolio, it is often uneconomical to establish a separate balancing group. Since inflows and outflows are subject to fluctuation during the year, there are often differences during the year as a whole. For a small gas portfolio, balancing these fluctuations is both complex and inefficient.

Instead, you can benefit from our portfolio effects and cut your costs! We place your biomethane quantities into our balancing group and automatically even out any fluctuations in input and output across all market areas. In detail, we offer:

  • Balancing group management
  • Sales forecasts
  • Scheduling of trade processes
  • Settlements


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