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We make Europe’s Gas Green

Landwärme is a pioneer in the biomethane sector. Our wealth of experience enables us to identify what moves the market. We have helped actively shape the market as an independent and owner-managed company since 2007. From then on, we have built up a reputation as a biomethane trader, service provider, consultant, and reliable partner for the whole of Europe in the field of biomethane.


We supply hundreds of energy providers and public utilities with biomethane for use in the power, heat and transport sector – whether as biogas for your heating customers, fuel for your CNG and LNG stations or in order to generate renewable electricity and heating in your CHP plants. As a trader, we supply the biomethane quality that’s right for you.


In our capacity as service provider, we can give you comprehensive advice along the entire value chain – be it on biomethane production, transportation, claims for remuneration or greenhouse gas quotas.


Numerous biomethane producers, energy providers, operators of CNG and LNG filling stations and CHP plants already place their trust in Landwärme.

The Landwärme group.


Landwärme is your partner for biomethane trading. Whether in project development or for generating, marketing or procuring green gas at your CHP plant, as biogas or as a biofuel for your CNG or LNG station – we are here to help you.

With its head office in Munich and a branch office in Berlin, Landwärme has bases both in the northeast and south of Germany.


Landwärme Service GmbH handles all your biomethane transportation matters. Our colleagues in Dortmund look after your biomethane portfolio and take care of balancing group management for you. Our broad network allows you to benefit from cost synergies. You too can become part of Germany’s unique balancing group cooperation.


We make Europe’s gas green. It’s as simple as that. Eastern and Central Europe hold a great deal of untapped potential for biomethane production.

In 2015, we helped to set up the first plant for biomethane production in the Hungarian city of Kaposvár. And our pioneering spirit is as strong now as ever before.

Through the Landwärme office in Budapest we are bolstering the biomethane market in Central and Eastern Europe. We continue to strengthen the connection between Eastern and Western Europe every single day.

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Landwärme unites the desire for environmentally friendly, renewable energy with the demand for profitability and efficiency. Our day-to-day work is therefore focused around the following guiding principles:


As a pioneer in the biomethane market, we have a thorough understanding of the entire value chain.



Pushing boundaries. Achieving new milestones. Thinking outside the box. We are constantly fine-tuning what we do – to develop ourselves, our services and the market.



Not only do we think big, we act big. Biomethane is complex, dynamic and flexible – it is a prime example of integrated energy management. We are the green interface between the power, heat and fuel sectors.



We make Europe’s gas green – with conviction.

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Landwärme has provided project development assistance to over 20 biogas plants, helping them to upgrade and feed in biogas, based on both renewable raw materials and fermenting residues and waste materials. We have also completed projects in other European countries. Beyond this, we have conducted comprehensive feasibility studies for more than 60 biogas plants. A small selection of our projects can be found below.

Biomethananlage Reimlingen

Biomethane Plant

Reimlingen (BY)

Biomethananlage Feldberg

Biomethane Plant

Feldberg (MV)

Biomethananlage Wittenburg

Biomethane Plant

Wittenburg (MV)

Biomethananlage Penkun

Biomethane Plant

Penkun (MV)

Biomethananlage Schwaigern

Biomethane Plant

Schwaigern (BW)

Biomethananlage Kaposvar

Biomethane Plant

Kaposvár, Ungarn


German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW)

The BDEW is the main point of contact for all matters relating to natural gas, electricity, district heating, water and waste water. The energy industry has pooled its strengths here and is working on concepts that span all kinds of energy sources. Landwärme joined the BDEW in 2016.


The German registered association CNG-Club advocates environmentally friendly and clean mobility solutions based on CNG, more specifically biomethane, natural gas and synthetic methane. The CNG-Club has also set itself the goal of raising public awareness of the advantages offered by CNG mobility. Landwärme joined the association in 2017.

German Energy Agency (dena)

dena is the center of competence for renewable energies and energy efficiency. Landwärme is involved in the “biogaspartner” project and is also a registered user of the German biogas registry run by dena for biogas certification.

European Renewable Gas Registry Association (ERGaR)

The founding members of ERGaR are committed to establishing the first European biomethane registry. The cooperation aims to create an independent, transparent and trustworthy platform enabling the mass balancing of biomethane in Europe, which is intended to facilitate biomethane trading in Europe. Landwärme is a founding member of the association.

German Biogas Association (GBA)

The GBA is Europe’s strongest biogas association with a membership of around 5,000 plant operators and companies. Landwärme has been a member since 2012 and contributes to various working groups within the trade association.

Forum for Future Energies

The Forum for Future Energies (Forum für Zukunftsenergien) is an independent institution focused on energy management and policy that does not limit its work to one specific sector. It provides a platform for interdisciplinary discourse aimed at shaping a sustainable energy economy both in and beyond Germany. Landwärme joined the forum in 2018.

Carbon Business Council

The Carbon Business Council is a member-driven, non-profit coalition of companies working together to restore the climate. It serves as a resource for its members, legislators, the energy industry and environmental community and is a leading industry voice for innovators in carbon management. Landwärme has been a member since February 2024 and signed the Carbon Business Councils “Ethical Oath to Restore the Earth”.

CCS+ Initiative

The CCS+ initiative aims to scale cutting edge climate technologies by developing a robust carbon accounting methodology, enabling to quantify their climate mitigation impact. This global initiative utilizes a modular approach that encompasses the processes of capture, utilization, transport, and storage, providing flexibility for project development. Through its membership, Landwärme supports development within the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Landwärme has been a member since October 2023.


The UPEBI campaigns for the integration of the biogas industry in Poland. It also champions better working conditions across the sector. Landwärme has been a member of the UPEBI since 2018.

Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE)

As the sponsoring association of the Swiss quality label naturemade star, the VUE advocates for the promotion of new renewable energies and ecological energy products. It focuses on developing, disseminating and implementing certification procedures and quality labels. Landwärme joined the VUE in 2017.

Verband für Wärmelieferung e.V. (VfW)

The VfW supports energy contracting in the heating, cooling, compressed air and power sectors. The association qualifies companies, ensures the observance of quality standards and trains suppliers. Landwärme is a member of the VfW.