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We make Europe’s Gas Green


Together with biogas producers we develop tailor-made projects to feed biogas, concentrated to biomethane quality, into the grid. We will be by your side during the entire process, from planning and permit acquisition, to construction and commencement of operations. We are also happy to take care of the ongoing operational management of your production facility, and will work with you to ensure optimal biomethane production.


Our trading portfolio of about 2.5 terawatt-hours makes us one of the leading companies in the market. We have a broad portfolio of more than 90 different suppliers, which enables us to deliver you, as a utility, CHP plant, energy supply company or natural gas station, a variety of biomethane quantities and qualities.


Whether as general contractor or as a special “behind the scenes” consulting service, we offer you a broad service portfolio spanning the entire biomethane value chain. Founded in 2007, Landwärme was, and continues to be, a pioneer in the burgeoning biomethane market. We are owner-managed and therefore completely independent. We are active throughout continental Europe, and, together with you, are keen to further develop new markets – together, we’ll make Europe’s gas even greener.





2.5+ TWh

Biomethane Trading Volume


Upgrading Projects






Landwärme links environmentally friendly renewable energy with the demand for profitability. We orient ourselves by the following guidelines:


With a wealth of experience and know-how, we have ground up expertise in the biomethane market.



We take great pride in continually improving our performance and service portfolio.



To overcome complex and dynamic industry-specific challenges we actively integrate different competencies.



Making Europe’s gas greener is our guiding star.

Curious about green pioneers? Get to know our biomethane experts.



Landwärme has successfully accompanied more than 20 biogas plants during all project development phases, from planning, all the way up to biomethane grid feed-in, utilizing both bio-waste and energy crops. We have also been involved in international project development, implementing the first Hungarian biomethane plant in Kaposvár. Furthermore, we have carried out feasibility studies for more than 60 biogas plants.

Biomethananlage Reimlingen

Biomethane Plant

Reimlingen (BY)

Biomethananlage Feldberg

Biomethane Plant

Feldberg (MV)

Biomethananlage Wittenburg

Biomethane Plant

Wittenburg (MV)

Biomethananlage Penkun

Biomethane Plant

Penkun (MV)

Biomethananlage Schwaigern

Biomethane Plant

Schwaigern (BW)

Biomethananlage Kaposvar

Biomethane Plant

Kaposvár, Ungarn


German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW)

The German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) is the main point of contact for all matters relating to natural gas, electricity, district heating, water, and waste water. The energy industry has pooled its strengths here and is working on concepts that span all kinds of energy sources. Landwärme joined the BDEW in 2016.

Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB) – Italian Biogas Consortium

The CIB is driving forward the energy revolution in Italy, focusing specifically on biogas and biomethane. The consortium also promotes the use of efficient processes to make farming more environmentally friendly and campaigns for pertinent legal frameworks to be developed and optimized accordingly. Landwärme joined the CIB in 2017.


The German registered association CNG-Club e.V. advocates environmentally friendly and clean mobility solutions based on CNG, more specifically biomethane, natural gas and synthetic methane. The CNG-Club has also set itself the goal of raising public awareness of the advantages that come with CNG mobility. Landwärme joined the association in 2017.

German Energy Agency (dena)

dena is the German competence center for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Landwärme is engaged in the “biogaspartner” project. Also, we are registered with the German biogas registry run by dena for biomethane certification.

European Biogas Association (EBA)

As an umbrella organization, EBA aims to establish sustainable biogas production and utilization Europewide. It’s a network facilitating information exchange among its more than 60 members. Landwärme is an EBA member.

European Renewable Gas Registry Association (ERGaR)

The members of ERGaR commit to the establishment of the first European biomethane registry. The association seeks to introduce an independent, transparent, and trustworthy documentation scheme for mass balancing biomethane distributed along the European gas network, which will help facilitate the cross-border trade of biomethane in Europe Landwärme is a founding member.

German Biogas Association (GBA)

GBA is Europe’s strongest biogas association with a membership of more than 5,000 plant operators and companies. As a member Landwärme contributes to various working groups.

Forum for Future Energies

The Forum for Future Energies (Forum für Zukunftsenergien e.V.) is an independent institution focused on energy management and policy that does not limit its work to one specific sector. It provides a platform for interdisciplinary discourse aimed at shaping a sustainable energy economy both in and beyond Germany. Landwärme joined the forum in 2018.


The UPEBI campaigns for the integration of the biogas industry in Poland. It also champions better working conditions across the sector. Landwärme has been a member of the UPEBI since 2018.

Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE)

As the sponsoring association of the Swiss quality label naturemade star the VUE promotes new renewable energies and environmentally friendly energy products. It focusses on developing, disseminating and implementing certification procedurses and quality labels. Landwärme joined the VUE in 2007.

Verband für Wärmelieferung e.V. (VfW)

VfW supports energy contracting in the heating, cooling, compressed air and power sectors. The association qualifies operators, enforces technical standards and offers supplier trainings. Landwärme is a VfW member.