Webinar Carbon Dioxide Removal with Biogas Upgrading: A perfect match!

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Webinar Carbon Dioxide Removal with Biogas Upgrading: A perfect match!

08. Oktober 2024 um 10:00 - 11:00

The escalating climate crisis we are facing demands urgent action. As a society, we are tackling this challenge through emission avoidance and -reduction, setting net zero emission goals on corporate, national, continental and global levels.

An important stepping stone along the way is the creation of negative emissions. They are urgently needed in order to make up for residual emissions and to provide a perspective after net zero is reached – one in which we start removing CO2 from the atmosphere and undoing some of the damage done through global warming.

Biogas upgrading combined with carbon captures tackles the climate crisis on several levels. Biomethane can be used as a renewable natural gas replacement, defossilizing energy supply and transportation without the need for new infrastructure. When combined with carbon capture, it becomes an extremely efficient source of negative emissions, while continuing to provide green energy. CO2 captured at biogas upgrading plants can serve as a carbon replacement in utilization or be stored permanently to create durable negative emissions.

Join us on 8 October as we explore how this symbiotic relationship unfolds, offering insights into real-world projects. We embrace the challenges encountered along the way and discuss catalysts as well as opportunities for a quick scale up of our technologically advanced CDR solution.

We will discuss:
• Implementation of carbon capturing into the biomethane value chain
• Co-Benefits of scaling biomethane production and CDR paralelly
• A new business case for biogas plant operators
• Applications and storage options for biogenic CO2
• Challenges and learnings identified in current projects
• BECCS in the broader CDR landscape

If you have any questions in advance, please contact us at any time at geschaeftsfeldentwicklung@landwaerme.de.



08. Oktober 2024
10:00 - 11:00
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