From start to finish: Customized end-to-end biomethane solutions, from a single provider

The biomethane value chain is complex. There is no single biomethane, but instead a multitude of different biomethane products derived from diverse raw materials and technological processes. These differentiated biomethane products are used in versatile applications, dependent upon support scheme.

Technologically, legally and economically, everything must be in order to be able to ensure your biomethane project is a success. We are by your side, supporting you every step of the way. Benefit from our knowledge, experience and independence, and feel confident placing your trust in the various services we offer.

Project Development

We accompany you throughout the entire development process of your biomethane production plant. Our services focus in particular on biogas upgrading, permit proceedings and grid connection. Together with you, we come up with the best possible gas upgrade technology concept. We then accompany you throughout the process – from planning right through to commencement of operations, and beyond. LESS >

Choosing the right upgrading plant!

In order to be able to feed biogas into the gas grid, it first needs to be upgraded to natural gas quality in an upgrading plant specifically developed for the individual site. Our independent engineers determine the optimal upgrading process for your specific needs. In detail, we offer:

  • Site acquisiton
  • Feasibility studies
  • Optimized location utilization
  • General planning
  • Permit proceedings
  • Contracting preperation support
  • Field inspection

Getting the necessary permits!

The construction of a gas upgrading unit is highly complex and subject to very strict limitations. We navigate permit proceedings on your behalf and make sure you get all the necessary licenses in an expedient manner. In detail, that means:

  • Carrying out construction and pollution control permit acquisition procedures
  • Moderating negociations with public authorities and town representatives
  • Building plants, calculations and expert opinions
  • Preperation of the approval application in collaboration with engineers and experts
  • Accompanying officials during examination until approval is granted

Connecting the plant to the grid!

Gas grid operators are legally obliged to grant grid access to biogas plants. Nevertheless, there are a number of detailed questions that arise in regard to each individual project. Finding answers to these questions is our daily business. We have successfully negotiated and implemented various types of grid access with different grid operators. In detail, we offer:

  • Project support, including preliminary testing and submitting access requests, right through to successful connection to the grid
  • Contractual design of grid access in negotiation with the grid operator
  • Technical and commercial inspection of grid access possibilities
  • Selection of suitable grid access technology



Contact Person:

Head of Project Development
T +49 | 89 | 24 88 200 21

Biomethane Trading

Landwärme deals with biomethane in all quantities and qualities, for all kinds of application. We want to be your number one biomethane supplier, as we are active in both producing and selling. Our biomethane portfolio includes more than 2.5 TWh. LESS >

Profit from our trading know-how!

We have intricate knowledge of the European gas market and will gladly advise you on various biomethane application opportunities. As biomethane is not a uniform, standardized product, application can differ considerably as a result of production methods and the biomass being used. We analyze the best possible application for your biomethane and obtain the best possible biomethane price for you. In detail, we offer:

  • Supply of certified biomethane from our own portfolio
  • Certificates
  • Negotiation with residual gas suppliers for heating and fueling applications
  • Nation-wide bidding for biomethane quantities
  • Biomethane conversion of existing CHP plants
  • Biofuel quota



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Head of Sales
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Balancing Group Management

We include your biomethane in our accounting balance and take care of all questions regarding gas transportation and settlement. Profit from the balancing effects our big portfolio has to offer in all market areas. LESS >

We balance you biomethane!

The transportation of biomethane is similar to natural gas. If biomethane is fed into the natural gas grid, in order to be transported to customers, it is essential that feed-in amounts are managed within a balancing group.

However, for operators or utilities with a small biomethane portfolio, it is often uneconomical to establish a separate balancing group. Since inflows and outflows are subject to fluctuation during the year, there are often differences during the year as a whole. For a small gas portfolio, balancing these fluctuations is both complex and inefficient.

Instead, you can benefit from our portfolio effects and cut your costs! We place your biomethane quantities into our balancing group and automatically even out any fluctuations in input and output across all market areas. In detail, we offer:

  • Balancing group management
  • Sales forecast
  • Scheduling of trade processes
  • Settlements



Contact Person:

Balancing Group Management
T +49 | 176 |10 19 85 82


In order to partake in support schemes, detailed certificates must be procured for biomethane. We have experience in all current certification systems, Europe-wide! LESS >

We have experience in all current certification systems – Europe-wide!

Biomethane quantities must be accurately documented and certified in detail. This certificate is a prerequisite for all support schemes. In Germany, this includes, among others, the Renewable Energy Sources Act as well as federal and state heating acts.

For the different German heat and energy law certificates we use the German Biogas Registry industry standard. Sustainability aspects, which need to be proven when going for the biofuels quota, are documented via the “Nabisy-database” run by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food.

We take over every step of the verification procedure for you, including:

  • Paperwork (expert opinions, fact sheets, questionnaires etc.)
  • Cooperation with auditors and public authorities
  • Field inspections necessary for certifications
  • Continuous documentation in the relevant databases



Contact Persons:


Sustainability & Verification

T +49 | 89 | 24 88 200 06


Sustainability & Verification

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